About us

" a moon reflected on a serene lake, shines more beautiful than the Lune,

a song echoed from a different shore, sounds more soothing than the tune... "

Reflections have always been more vivid and profound than their originals, be it from a mirror on the wall or a mirror at the heart. Seasons come, seasons go... the years pass. Time and tide change... so does this dreamy life.

Yet changeless are the memories that we reflect upon each and every day and they are the things that continue to give us roots, hope and happiness in our present moment.

The very quality of mental reflection is unique to humans and in a way that's what makes us an intelligent being. No wonder mirrors have a special place in human lives for thousands of years. Yet, most mirrors that we use are either rimless or hopelessly bland.

Well, not anymore... Artistick's proudly presents sumukhi, a wide and ornate collection of traditional, modern and custom made mirrors that would give your house, hotel or office space a different vibe and an aesthetic look. let's change the way mirrors look.